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Just take a moment and think about  the Total Focus Power method.

The difficulties of life evaporate from our awareness, and both our bodies and our brains  find this rewarding.

What’s the Total Focus Power Method?

A better way to consciously decide which areas of your life are worthy of your attention, develop a calmer personality and make better life decisions.

Are you lost? This is your meditation exercise.

Total Focus Power Program

The new scientifically proven method that can effortlessly improve your focus and your overall mental abilities, giving you the capacity to use your mental power to make better life decisions, develop a calmer personality and enjoy unshakable confidence!


12 million adult coloring books sold in the US last year!

Coloring  helps people process negative feelings  directly and may  offer an effective form of relief from stress.Indeed,  new research has focused on how creativity, especially in the form of visual art, can improve physical health

90% of womens  who complete coloring tasks report lower levels of depression and anxiety symptoms.

People who took a break from problem solving by engaging in a deliberately easy activity—which corresponded with an increase in mind wandering— fared better on subsequent tasks. A mental pit stop in the form of a coloring session may help set people up for upcoming challenges.

10 minutes a day of coloring reduces  anxiety and depression 

“Distress usually comes from external pressures or internal fears of things that you cannot control, When you are coloring, you are engaged in a highly structured activity that is generally not goal-oriented.  It shifts your focus to something more manageable and, as a result, you experience less distress.

Calming Meditation Tracks to Relax your Mind and Body

In this program,you will found also The best of meditation and relaxation music for your meditation time. Soothing sounds to calm and ease your mind and transport you to peaceful state of mind.


Basically, it’s similar to good old therapy. 

Don’t think you need therapy? 

Here’s why you should take a mental health day now.

 ARt therapy is not only about learning and improving yourself 

It’s a means of personal expression too.  

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 No Monthly Fees

30 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE | No Monthly Fees | One Time Payment

Why You Need This Book
As you can see,TOTAL FOCUS POWER helps you be mentally stronger, increases your ability to focus , and enables you to better apprehend your surroundings by helping you to:

Remove unnecessary distractions

Make decisions from a deeper and calmer space

Interact better with your environment

Feeling free from attention-sucking and manipulative media
Making decisions from a deeper and calmer space
Improve motor skills and vision
Make a resolution to relax,
then be more productive as a RESULT

100 pages of brilliant line work just waiting to be colored and 33 audio meditations If you are looking for  relaxation, then you are most certainly in the right place 

3 Reasons Adult Coloring   Relax Your Brain

Attention flows away from ourselves. A simple act, such as coloring, takes your attention away from yourself and puts it in  the present moment .

It relaxes the brain. When thoughts are focused on a simple activity, your brain tends to relax.We are not disturbed by our own thoughts and appraisals.

The fact that the outcome of coloring is predictable can also be relaxing. As result, adult coloring can be a wonderful lark, rather than an arduous test of our capacities.

So, what should you be doing instead of unproductively stressing? Coloring. No, really. 

If you haven’t heard of adult coloring books yet, you will soon. They are  filled with pages of beautifully intricate patterns,  like “nom du book”.

This DIY-art-therapy phenomenon has lead prestigious media outlets from The Atlantic and the New York Times, to NPR and CNN Health, to ask a key question:

does it work? Can coloring really relieve stress for adults, or is it just a distraction from our problems?

Finishing a picture gives our brains the chance to zone out, similar to meditation, but it also gives us a sense of accomplishment

 “There’s color on the page where there wasn’t before.”


This sense of accomplishment — having something  to show for our task — makes coloring a positive experience, which is why it not only gives people a momentary release from stress, but it also actually improves our moods.

“People are happier when they have positive experiences, like when they’re creating something or going somewhere. We zone out when we watch TV, but we aren’t necessarily happier when we come back to reality, because we haven’t been active participants in the task.”

Coloring differs importantly from other forms of creative expression, like writing or doodling, because it has a set structure. Coloring offers that relief and mindfulness without the paralysis that a blank page can cause.

Source:National Institute of Health

 In a coloring book, the important decisions of form and layout have already been made for us — our only job is to pick a crayon.

 Make a resolution to relax, Then be more productive as a result.

Sounds like a fresh start.

Total Focus Power’ is a bundle of selected and proven 99 coloring pages together with an accompanying 30 meditation and spiritual audio tracks. The same tracks are used by athletes’ and businesses’ trainers and coaches to increase their mental resilience.

 For 20 minutes per day, shut down your phone and television, sit in a calm corner, and color the provided sheets while listening to the audio tracks. Yes, it is as simple as that. You will quickly enter a mindful meditation state in a matter of minutes. 

After 3 months, you will notice how much calmer, more peaceful, and happier you feel no matter what situation you are in. Most of all, you will enjoy  quality time fully dedicated to yourself and your own wellbeing.

Total Value: $97, But Today…


One Time Investment   No Monthly Fees

For A Limited Time, Only $29

30-DAY, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | One Time Payment

Researchers found that mindfulness art therapy for women with cancer helped to significantly decrease the symptoms of physical and emotional distress during their treatment. 

Adult coloring may differ slightly from this mindfulness art therapy,but we suspect that adult coloring would yield similar results.

This is how confident we are about the
‘Total Focus Power Method’ 

By now we suppose everyone has read about the Adult coloring revolution!!!

There is potential for coloring books to be a gateway for art therapy.

  Coloring is an effective tool for reducing agitation, easing anxiety, and helping someone to contain their emotions in the short term. 

 Coloring books are a tool to help people  explore art as therapy.  

Coloring is a great tool for stress relief. When you’re overwhelmed by stress, 20 minutes of coloring gives your brain a break . 

It raises your awareness about  the way you make decisions

 Coloring enables a person to become calm, while art therapy enables them to explore their anxiety, understand it, and normalize their emotions.

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Total Value: $97, But Today…


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for a Limited Time, Only $29

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Frequently asked questions

How Adult Coloring Books Relieve Stress?

The activity of coloring takes your mind off all the stressors in your life, so your brain isn’t releasing cortisol or adrenaline in response to your to-do list. 

How Many Pages Should My Book Have?

You are welcome to order as many or as few copies of The Book as you like,with a number of 99 pages.

What is the appeal of adult cloring?

Coloring is one of those tasks that helps calm the mind and for this reason many people use coloring asd a way to unwind at the end of a busy working day or help relieve stress.  

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